Sue's Bespoke Jewels & Gifts

What is your business name and how did you come up with it? 

Sue's Bespoke Jewels & Gifts. I chose this name as it described exactly what I love to do. I love coming up with new ideas for jewellery and gifts and customising them to what people want.


What products do you sell?  

I make unique pieces of jewellery. Many of them are made from stones that I have found on the shores of Loch Awe, Scotland, however I do make beaded jewellery as well. I also make gifts like bookmarks and candle holders.


What does a typical day look like? 

I don't do my crafts full time so my day is filled with looking after my family and pets and creating pieces in my spare time. I have a small room that I use as a craft room so I can have projects I am working on all laid out.

What hours are you open? 

I am online so I am technically always open.

How many people are behind your business? Who are they? 

Myself and my youngest son. My son helps me with my website and photo's.

When did you launch? 

I first set up a Facebook page in 2014 as a way to show family and friends what I had been making and to get ideas and suggestions from them. Then I opened an Etsy account where I sold some pieces. Since then I have been doing charity craft fairs.

What's your favourite part of running your business? 

Designing new pieces and getting feedback from others.

What got you into the business? 

I was housebound for a long time and used crafts to pass the time. I attended a jewellery class at my children’s school and realized I loved making things. I then made so many items that I could no longer give them away.

What makes your business unique? 

I work mainly with local stones and I am inspired by the history of my local area. I also make pieces of jewellery to sell to raise funds for two local charities; Oban and Lorn Riding for the Disabled and The Multiple Sclerosis Centre Argyll.

Have you any previous experience or interest in this field?

Other than attending a short jewellery class I am completely self taught.

Do you have a shop/website?  

Just finished opening a website at


Do you offer specialist services?

I customise items if they are asked for, especially my bookmarks and candle holders.

Where are you located? Does your location reflect your product?  

I am on the shores of Loch Awe, Argyll Scotland. The landscape, geology and pre-historic attributes of Argyll inspire most of my work in some way. I am fascinated by the incredible beauty of rocks and nature. Everywhere you look nature provides inspiration in the variety of colours and shapes. The tranquillity of the shores of Loch Awe and the surrounding Kilmartin and Kilmichael Glens have given me the inspiration to create pieces of jewellery and crafts that share this remarkable place.


How do the seasons affect your business?

I do more of my stone carving and shaping during the summer as it needs to be done outside and it is much more enjoyable when it is warm. During the colder months I take the pieces I have formed and make them into a piece of jewellery.

Do you have any projects coming up?

I am experimenting with a new carving technique which hopefully will work well and everyone will love.

What has been your biggest achievement in your business? 

I had an order on Etsy that seen a necklace and earring set going to Canada and getting recommendations because of it.


What has been your biggest hurdle? 

Increasing brand awareness, which is still something I'm working on now.

What do you think has made your business successful? 

Making items that are unique and using raw and natural materials

What advice would you give someone looking to start a business? 

Give it a go!! If there is something that you love doing and that people comment on then why not. You can start out by selling to friends and family in a small town or village and end up posting pieces all over the world.

What is your price range of products? 

Since I do charity pieces it is £6 - £54

What are your popular products? 

Stone cairn necklaces.


Where do you see your business in 5 years' time? 

Hoping to have a wider audience and customer base. I am also hoping to have a larger working space.

Tell us a little about you the owner?

I am married with two special need sons, two cats and a puppy and I have health problems but love to keep busy and make things. I love nature, in particular I love water, from a single drop to the deep ocean.

If you had to describe your business in five words, what would they be? 

Natural, unique, handmade, diverse, charity.

Who is your business aimed at? 


What makes you stand out from your competitors? 

I think my use of natural and raw materials is one thing that makes me stand out.

Have you got anything exciting coming up?   

Looking at organising a large charity craft fair locally.


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